Thursday, April 26, 2012

Create WebCenter Portal Custom Skin

Maybe one of the most common task is creating custom skin in WebCenter Portal. Every time you create a portal you mostly have to change the design to suite your customer branding. For creating custom skin inside the WebCenter Portal follow those steps:

  • First create new CSS file under the SKINS folder like show bellow. This is very important, if the file is not under the skins folder you can not export it like portal resource.


  • After you create the file export it as portal resource so that you can use it into the portal. To do so click on the file with the right mouse button and select Create Portal Resource.


  • New window pops up, you can modify the names inside so that the properties should like this


  • You can use now you custom selected skin inside the portal. Go to the Administration and select you new skin to be used, like shown in the screen bellow


  • You can load now the portal home page and select some components for example using Firebug to identify they style classes and override them inside your skin.

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  1. Please provide some basic blogs to learn Webcenter portal, sites and content. I have experience in ADF and trying to learn webcenter now. so need help